Building Environmentally Sustainable Communities


Rain gardens and other innovative stormwater-cleansing techniques retain, clean, and recharge ground water.

Norristown train

Progressive communities are built within walking distance of train stations and public transportation as well as town centers.


Progressive New Homes communities implement "smart growth" practices – conveniently located near public transportation, jobs, and retail shops to help cut down on automobile usage. Reduced gas consumption lowers carbon emissions and helps homeowners save money.

The homes in all Progressive New Homes communities promote environmental sustainability.

  • Built with tight thermal envelopes, homes incorporate thicker exterior wall insulation and tightly sealed doors and windows
  • Low-E window glass reduces solar heat absorbed by the buildings, decreasing the need for air conditioning
  • Energy-Star rated appliances, when used, provide additional energy and cost savings
  • Rain gardens and other storm water-cleansing devices reduce run-off levels, improving conditions in existing neighborhoods

Progressive New Homes has been honored as a leader in sustainable development by the Smart Growth Alliance, a collaborative of 200 government, private sector and non-profit organizations dedicated to promoting environmentally sensitive development in the Delaware Valley region. Green Street Mews, Kardon Park and Arbor Heights have been recognized. for implementing a comprehensive approach to sustainable practices. Click here to read more.